Which is better for Canadian Gamblers, RTG or Microgaming?

Which is better for Canadian Gamblers, RTG or Microgaming?

With the ever changing world of online casinos moving so quickly, it's important to know who the major players are and what they are bringing to the table for players. Different countries have different regulations and this makes a big difference when looking at the giants in this industry. Comparing the casinos themselves is a daunting task, to say the least, so it may be easier to look at the software companies that power them instead.

Two undisputed titans in online casino games development are Real Time Gaming, a United States based company, and Microgaming, coming out of Canada. Microgaming has earned itself worldwide renown as the leading software provider by powering more than 120 casinos as well as having more than 40 poker rooms along with releasing for new game titles per month. They are also responsible for the most expansive progressive jackpot and poker networks in the world, something they've learned to provide from player and industry demands through more than ten years in business. Their hard-hitting tournament schedule is not something to be trifled with and their $28 million (and counting) payouts since opening their digital doors is more than a little impressive.

Real Time Gaming has become the most profitable software provider in the world, despite gambling being quite restricted in their home country, limiting the pool of home grown players they can accept. Throughout the sixteen years that they have been operating, RTG has grown their collection of games software to include many unique and interesting original and licensed titles. Their progressive jackpots are able to rival those of Microgaming thanks to the speed at which they are able to grow and their table games don't suffer from the depth of their experience into video slots. The suite of video poker games they offer is impressive and their blackjack games boast impressive speed of up to seven hands per minute.

When it comes to money changing hands, both developers allow for a vast array of payment options with online processors when it comes to turning money into chips or tokens for their games. However, the casinos that Real Time Gaming deals with aren't scrutinized as carefully as they are with other software providers so research on the individual casino needs to be done to ensure that they are above board. Additionally, RTG allows each casino operator they do business with to set whatever slot machine payout percentage they want, making some sites better than others to play RTG games. Microgaming does more research when it takes casino partners, ensuring that the end user is well taken care of for their gaming experience.

While each have their pros and cons, both are worthwhile game developers to look into for your next online gaming adventure. Head over to Grizzly Gambling for full rundowns and reviews for all of the biggest Canadian online casino operators and software providers so you can make informed decisions with your gambling dollars.