Win Palace Win Palace

Best Signup Bonus : $1000

Bonus Percentage : 200%

WinPalace Casino - A Good Place To Be For The New Online Player?

With so many online casinos available for someone who is considering opening an account, they will inevitably come across the WinPalace Casino at some point during their research and notice that their name occurs quite frequently. Looking in to why that may be, it can be seen there are many good reasons as to why this casino is held in very high regard, whilst some other online casinos may not quite measure up when looking for the best experience out there.

When it comes to parting with one's money over the internet be it buying products or funding of some kind of account be it a foreign exchange account to trade currencies, or a casino account to play the various games that are available online, one has to be incredibly guarded and cautious.

Unlike the conventional land based casinos where codes of practice can actually be seen as being implemented, no such thing exists in the online world. Reputations are forged in alliance with constant player feedback. There are no holds barred in players giving honest opinions and accounts of experiences and posting them all over the internet on blogs and forums. It's with this factual feedback being taken in to consideration, that the WinPalace Casino is spotlighted.

Coming with a big reputation of customer care, it merits a closer look to see what else is on offer. Firstly all US players are welcome. Accounts can be easily funded with MasterCard, Visa, or even American Express and when it comes to withdrawing winnings, funds are directly wired to the player's personal bank account. There is a $100 withdrawal minimum and their money arrives in around 5 business days.

WinPalace is known for its generous bonuses. On first deposits for Table games they give a 200% match bonus up to a max of $2000, their slots bonus maxes out at $3000 with a 300% match. Reload bonuses are offered whenever a deposit is made and it is suggested all new players contact them via their Live Chat, to ensure they get the best bonus that's offered.

All the house's games are run on Real Time Gaming software, and the player will find no shortage of excellent running table games and slots for them to enjoy along with progressive jackpots with the potential of a life changing win. Player satisfaction is evident and at the end of the day it's that and only that what count. What more could one want?